I place structure and simplicity at the forefront of what I do.  My portraits are about engagement, interaction and the inner self.  Visually, I like to place my sitters within structures:  With an uncluttered approach they often become structure-like themselves.  The human element is always there through subtle nuances caught on camera.

A fan of the Brutalist aesthetic, I see beauty in obscure places:  In the desert; where the landscape is so empty, electricity pylons traverse the landscape like monuments to the technological age.  A concrete football stadium so basic it employs colour- a lick of paint- to soften its hard functionality. I'm fascinated by back-stories- how people and how things come to be: The Phantom project exemplifies a lifecycle with the rise & fall of technology.  When does the future become the past?

Studied at Norwich School of Art & Design.

I  was an assistant for over 4 1/2 years working with commercial photographers including; Corrine Day & Terry O'Neil as well as other contemporaries in the Noughties. 

This is my work, I hope you like it.