I recall a rather staggered start to my photographic career;  I put very few rolls of film through my little red Hanimex camera, which was mostly used for taking pictures of The Red Arrow's aerobatic display team.  Suffice to say, the aeroplanes usually resembled small red dot's.  

Things were to change however, when I was given a Canon AE1 by a family friend.  I was 14, still fascinated by aeroplanes and by then loved drawing buildings. I'd learned perspective!  Maybe it was the macro lens, or maybe it was because I could create focused images with actual depth of field (neither of which were attainable on my Hanimex) that drew me in.  The Hanimex was red though, and shiny.  (It still is).  My Canon alas, has seen better days and after cavorting around the world with me in my early 20’s it was replaced by the vastly superior Nikon FM2.  So I was hooked, I loved photography...

Things have gone completely full circle for me since my formative years.  I no longer photograph air displays (as a rule) or wear shorts (if I can help it) but I have always maintained an inquisitive nature, my interest in people and the world around me. 

From Art School I’ve been fascinated by the art of capturing that ‘something’ and what it is that makes a great photograph. I place structure and simplicity at the forefront of what I do and I find simplifying things a way of understanding at least something in this hectic world of ours.   I believe simplicity soothes the soul.

More recently my photography has become focused on what us humans are doing to the planet and to what extent we fashion our own environment.  Not so much an environmentalist, although I do support the idea we’re desperately trying for some insane reason to ruin our planet, I have an objective approach to man’s endeavours and I’m interested in looking at how visually & structurally, we’re influencing and utilising the space around us;  How landscapes (Cityscapes) are, in a way a portrait of us- as in the local community, or in a wider sense, the population of a nation.  From the artic poles and deserts to the oceans, atmosphere and beyond...  Human endeavour can be seen almost everywhere now and it’s fascinating!

I Studied at Norwich School of Art & Design and spent five years assisting in London, working with notable photographers including; Corrine Day & Terry O'Neil as well as other Advertising, Portrait & Fashion photographers in the 20000’s.  


Competitions & Awards

2015            International Photographer of The Year        Honourable Mention: Documentary             (Iceland)

2016             International Photographer of The Year        Honourable Mention: Portrait                      (The VCC Cohort)

2017             PDN World In Focus Travel                         Winner                                                         (Sao Paulo)

2017             International Photographer of The Year        Honourable Mention: Architecture               (Sao Paulo)